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An external keyboard for the iPad; making the right choice

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m traveling for the next few weeks on a sabbatical to Europe and Asia. I’m keeping a journal of my travels on my tumblog, and from time to time figure I’ll be writing longer text posts here. Because of this, I figured that I should bring an external […]

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Tablet only living—A geek travelling light

In about a week’s time I’m taking off on a sabbatical. I’m fortunate enough to have employers who have agreed to let me off the leash for a few weeks, so I’m making the most of it. I’m using the opportunity to take myself off on a journey that will take me from Berlin to […]

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Performance – spend it wisely and never raise the debt ceiling

The US had it’s credit rating downgraded yesterday. For many people, it seems at first a little abstract and vaguely ominous—a chance for China to get it’s own back after being harangued by the US on its undervaluation of the Yuen. Maybe the outcome will be catastrophic, maybe not so much. Only time will tell. […]

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Have you been hurt by code reuse? Learn from De Niro

Ever used someone else’s code; a library or sample app online? Ever got to a point where it’s been so mind-bendingly painful that you rue the day you ever found the stupid ‘library’ in the first place? If not then chances are you’re not a developer, you’re this guy, or you’re delusional. Spurred by a […]

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Try this, my mini-application for software estimation

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a simple yet powerful process for software estimation. When I was done I started to look at my excel worksheet for doing this process and figured that it could be something I could share with a broader audience. Rather than just post an excel file, I decided […]

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Software Estimation — A good simple way courtesy of the Navy and the cold war

In my last post I told you that your next project will take longer than you think. Now I’ve destroyed hope I’m going to show you how you can use this knowledge to be better at software estimation. We’re going to use a simple but very effective technique first developed by the Navy back in […]

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Your project will take longer than you think and less than a Nukem

I will tell you how long your next project will take to release. You won’t like it, but I’ll tell you. A game is launching this week and in the story of its development is the key to successful software estimation. The game is Duke Nukem Forever, and just like the title, it did pretty […]

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Making Quality Software: how to test non-functional requirements

In my last post, I outlined what I think are the twelve key constraints you need to think about if you are going to build high quality software that people want to use. As I mentioned, thinking through this needn’t be a mind sapping endeavour, and for some things you may just decide it’s not […]

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Making Quality Software: 12 non functional requirements every app should have.

When people talk about really great quality software, they usually think in terms of it’s utility, simplicity or aesthetics. But there’s more to it than that. A really great piece of software will bleed quality through and through like a piece of Brighton Rock (or Bognor Regis). What separates high quality software from mediocrity? It’s […]

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Code Coverage with Flex – a headless agent for CI builds

In my last blog post I gave details of how I user the modified code coverage viewer for flex in an automated build to follow the trend of code coverage over time. The trouble with this approach was that there was a problem either with the localConnection in flex or the code that uses it […]

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