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Building A Pristine Rails Virtual Machine

A (thankfully) long time ago in a galaxy far far away I developed web apps in Flash. And when I had to target different versions I had to go through a whole rigamarole of uninstalling and reinstalling plugins. Fast forward to now and I’m often working on projects in Ruby. I’ve found RVM and gemsets […]

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Using Puppet and Vagrant to make a one-click development environment

Rees's Polygraph

Keeping a development environment clean and tidy can be a bitch. When you are working on multiple projects across different platforms it can get messy really fast. And if you’re managing a team of people and need them all to run your app locally things can get tricky too. Recently I’ve setup a process so […]

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Try this, my mini-application for software estimation

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a simple yet powerful process for software estimation. When I was done I started to look at my excel worksheet for doing this process and figured that it could be something I could share with a broader audience. Rather than just post an excel file, I decided […]

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Code Coverage with Flex – a headless agent for CI builds

In my last blog post I gave details of how I user the modified code coverage viewer for flex in an automated build to follow the trend of code coverage over time. The trouble with this approach was that there was a problem either with the localConnection in flex or the code that uses it […]

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Code Coverage with Flex – ANT build for running the viewer

In my last post, I gave you my elegant extension hack for generating EMMA style code coverage reports from FlexCover. This post covers the first route I took to incorporating this in my build process. It does work, but it’s not very consistent in its reporting and I’ll explain why at the end…

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Code Coverage with Flex – creating EMMA formatted reports

Details on my hack for creating EMMA formatted code coverage reports using FlexUnit

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FlexUnit eclipse plugin alpha

I’ve been kind of quiet recently for three reasons: Its summer Work has been insanely busy I’ve been beavering away on a new plugin for eclipse The plugin is designed with one key goal in mind: shortening the develop-test feedback loop. It integrates eclipse and the flexunit framework to make our lives as developers easier. […]

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Subversion and Finder integration for the Mac

I just had to sort out getting subversion up and running on a mac. It’s not quite as simple a process as on a PC; there are a couple of extra steps I thought I’d share…

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How I built those firefox plugins to google search a site

Ok, so Mathias just asked how I managed to get the firefox search plugins to just search one site. I started to write a comment explaining it, but got a little long, so here’s Paul’s quick n dirty ghetto way of getting a firefox plugin to search just one site…

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If you think the IT industry is bad at estimating…

You should try the moving industry. I have just hung up my boots at Fidelity to move deep undercover doing some work in New York (via Washington DC, but thats a whole other story). I’m initially going to be staying in a hotel, so I decided to put my furniture in storage. I’m also moving […]

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