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Compiling Ruby from source for your development environment

For most of us, downloading the development package of Ruby for your platform will suffice. For the curious, or those needing a Ruby version that doesn’t have a pre-built package available you have to resort to compiling ruby from source code. Fortunately, as we have built ourselves a clean development environment using Vagrant, this is […]

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Building A Pristine Rails Virtual Machine

A (thankfully) long time ago in a galaxy far far away I developed web apps in Flash. And when I had to target different versions I had to go through a whole rigamarole of uninstalling and reinstalling plugins. Fast forward to now and I’m often working on projects in Ruby. I’ve found RVM and gemsets […]

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Using Puppet and Vagrant to make a one-click development environment

Rees's Polygraph

Keeping a development environment clean and tidy can be a bitch. When you are working on multiple projects across different platforms it can get messy really fast. And if you’re managing a team of people and need them all to run your app locally things can get tricky too. Recently I’ve setup a process so […]

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Have you been hurt by code reuse? Learn from De Niro

Ever used someone else’s code; a library or sample app online? Ever got to a point where it’s been so mind-bendingly painful that you rue the day you ever found the stupid ‘library’ in the first place? If not then chances are you’re not a developer, you’re this guy, or you’re delusional. Spurred by a […]

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