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Have you been hurt by code reuse? Learn from De Niro

Ever used someone else’s code; a library or sample app online? Ever got to a point where it’s been so mind-bendingly painful that you rue the day you ever found the stupid ‘library’ in the first place? If not then chances are you’re not a developer, you’re this guy, or you’re delusional. Spurred by a […]

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FlexUnit eclipse plugin alpha

I’ve been kind of quiet recently for three reasons: Its summer Work has been insanely busy I’ve been beavering away on a new plugin for eclipse The plugin is designed with one key goal in mind: shortening the develop-test feedback loop. It integrates eclipse and the flexunit framework to make our lives as developers easier. […]

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CruiseControl on the Mac – modifying the build script to work x-platform

So, I thought I was doing pretty well, getting svn working on the mac, installing cruisecontrol for my continuous integration, even getting SCPlugin working with unsigned certificates. Then I tried to run my ant build, and ended up having all sorts of problems getting my mac debug player to run. Some investigating and help from […]

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FlexUnit / ASUnit deathmatch results

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I am looking into how asunit and flexunit can fit into our continuous integration set up. The move into AS3 has given me an opportunity to reassess how the 2 frameworks fit my/our needs. The prior post set out the criteria I was testing against – here is […]

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FlexUnit UI factory

When I started looking into how we could use flexunit in our CI build, I was struck by how the UI is closely linked to the actual running of the test suite. I really wanted to be able to use the supplied flexunit GUI out of the box – after all, it does everything the […]

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FlexUnit for Cruise Control – XML output

If you read my earlier posts on Flex and continuous integration, you will remember that we had to do some work to get ASUnit to spit out its results in a manner that would be understood by Cruise Control. We built a log parser to parse results from the Flash players trace file into an […]

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Asyncronous test setup with FlexUnit

As part of my evaluation of FlexUnit and ASUnit for continuous integration, one of the rquirements is the ability to have an asynchronous test setup. Lets say you have a class under test that requires some XML in its constructor, and ideally you want to load that XML from an external source. While this doesnt […]

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Unit test frameworks for AS3 and Continuous Integration

Im currently evaluating FlexUnit and ASUnit as we move over to AS3 and seeing how they will fit in with our continuous integration suite. As you may have read in my previous posts on CI, we ended up significantly reworking ASUnit to get it to integrate with our needs for CI. What we are really […]

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